Berkley Big Game Digital Scale Lip Grip


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Berkley Big Game Digital Scale Lip Grip. Know exactly who caught the biggest fish. This easy to read digital scale will weigh your catch to the ounce and give you bragging rights—even if its only by a fraction of a pound. A positive locking jaw secures the fish during the weight-in and will not let go of the lip until you pull the release lever. The rubberized molded handle provides a solid grip to lift and weigh fish up to 30 lbs. Stainless steel body provides excellent corrosion resistance for use in saltwater or freshwater. A wrist lanyard provides added security to prevent loss. Settle the debate of whos fish was bigger using a Big Game Lip Grip Digital Scale. Key Features Easy to read digital scale Stainless steel body for corrosion resistance Positive locking jaws secure fish while weight and will only release when lever is pulled Large rubberized handle provides grip for heavier fish and for use with wet hands Wrist lanyard helps prevent lossWeighs fish up to 30 lbs.

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