Blue Sea Systems 13-Position 12/24V DC Toggle Breaker Panel, 10 Included Circuits, 14-3/4" x 4-1/2"


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Blue Sea Systems 13-Position 12/24V DC Toggle Breaker Panel, 10 Included Circuits, 14-3/4" x 4-1/2". Traditional DC breaker panels that have set the industry standard Blue Sea Systems traditional metal breaker panels have been installed in boats for years. They have become the standard for reliability and design. Offered in numerous configurations and a wide variety of breaker styles and ratings make these panels an easy choice for most electrical systems. Through the expertise and boating experience of Blue Sea Systems engineers each breaker panel is designed to meet common electrical system and space needs and provide room for growth. Each of these DC branch panel comes pre-wired with positive, negative and grounding buses installed and provides a great way to manage your 12V or 24V DC system. The pre-installed 15A A-Series breakers combine circuit protection and switching functions and offer trip-free feature that prevents the breaker from being held in the ON position when a fault is detected. LEDs that indicate that a switch is ON and large format backlit labels make using these panels in low or no light conditions easy. Panels that include digital multimeter or voltmeter and ammeter provide users with a way to monitor batteries. A-Series breakers (sold separately) can be changed out to provide tailored circuit protection from 2.5A to 50A. Each panel includes a label set of 30 commonly used DC labels. Key Features Pre-wired with bus bars installed for easy installation Traditional aluminum plate structure is industry standard and will match many pre-existing panels Includes A-Series 15A single pole breakers pre-installedMagnetic-hydraulic delay trip breaker mechanism recognizes surges caused by start-up currents and will not tripBreakers have improved ability to interrupt higher current without failureCompatible with A-Series breakers (sold separately) for 2.5A-50A circuit protectionGreen LEDs indicate breakers in ON positionre-installed backlit labels (can be changed to meet application)LED indicator lights note ON positionLifetime warranty Specifications Positions: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 13, 16, and 24 Voltage: 12V-24V (12V only on 8068, 8081, 8082) Maximum Amperage: 100 per bus Switch Rating: 10A

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