Blue Sea Systems Dual PowerPost Cable Connector, 5/16" to 3/8" Studs


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Product Description:

Blue Sea Systems Dual PowerPost Cable Connector, 5/16" to 3/8" Studs. A solution to extend outboard harnesses and other high current conductors Blue Sea Systems designed the Dual PowerPost as a way to connect high amperage conductors, but many boaters quickly discovered their usefulness in extending Outboard wiring harnesses. Two mounting screws secure the two post block and provide a solid connection for heavy gauge cable. Red and Black insulating boots cover the terminals and protect them from accidental cross current contact. Available with matching 3/8" stud terminals for high amp installations or with, 3/8" and 5/16" studs for engine installations. Key Features Provides solid vibration resistant connection point for high amperage conductors Available in outboard specific configuration Included red and black insulating boots to protect terminals from accidental contact Lifetime warranty Specifications Voltage: 48V Terminal Stud Size: 3/8" (2017), one 3/8" and one 5/15" (2018) Mounting Screws: #10 (not included) Approvals: CE Dimensional Drawing 2017 Dimensional Drawing 2018

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