Blue Sea Systems PowerBar Dual Bus Bar 200A, w/Insulator Covers


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Blue Sea Systems PowerBar Dual Bus Bar 200A, w/Insulator Covers. Compact heavy duty bus bar for high amperage applications. If your installation is tight on space but requires a high amperage bus bar, look no further than the PowerBar from Blue Sea Systems. These two-stud buses can handle up to 200A. Designed for heavier cables, these bus bars are ideal for windlass, davits, and other high current circuits. 3/8" studs provide a solid anchor and will accept the torque required to create the best possible connection. Two 1/4" mounting holes secure the base and make attaching larger cables easy. Key Features Rated for 200A; for use as a main DC negative or positive on larger boats 3/8" stainless steel terminal studs support larger cables and handle the torque for the best contact Lexan polycarbonate base 1/4" mounting holes that secure bus bar and support larger cabling Available insulating cover protects terminal studs from accidental contact and cross current shorts satisfies USCG and ABYC requirements for insulation. Lifetime warranty Specifications Maximum Voltage: 48V Continuous Rating: 200A of terminal studs: 2 Terminal Stud Size: 3/8" Terminal Screw Size: N/A Mounting Fasteners: #10 screws Base material: Reinforced Lexan Polycarbonate Material: Tin-plated copper CDA 110/UNS 1000, Dimensions: 2 3/4"L x 1 4/8" W x 1 5/8" HDimensional Drawing

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