C.sherman Johnson Single Swivel Gate Eye, 1/8" Wire Size


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C.sherman Johnson Single Swivel Gate Eye, 1/8" Wire Size. Lifeline gate eyes in swivel or threaded terminals. C. Sherman Johnson gate eye terminals are constructed using 316 stainless steel—an ideal blend of strength and corrosion resistance for marine lifelines. Available in a swivel or threaded version provide an attachment point for pelican hooks. The swivel eye allows the lifeline to move independently of the lifeline gate, but requires installation starting at the gate. The threaded version will allow the lifeline to be installed from any direction, but links the lifeline and gate together. Both versions require professional installation using a machine swager. Key Features Constructed using 316 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance Available in swivel or threaded versions Available in commonly used lifeline wire sizes (actual wire size without vinyl cover) Requires professional installation over bare wire

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