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Eclectic Products Eco Extreme Premium Adhesive Sealant. Versatlile adhesive/caulk for sealing tasks onboard.Featuring instant grab” and with adhesion to nearly all substrates, this polyether moisture-cured adhesive provides a long-lasting, weather-tight seal even in unfavorable wet application conditions. EcoGlue Extreme adheres to a wide variety of materials, is suitable for vertical or overhead applications and can be painted after 24 hours. Best application temperatures are above 30F.Key FeaturesAdheres immediatly to nearly all substratesCreates a long-lasting, weather-tight sealCan be applied in wet conditionsSuitable for vertical or overhead applicationsFlexibleNon-shrinkingOdor-free; Can safely be used indoorsCan be painted after 24 hoursSpecificationsFormulation: 100% solids polyether; Less than 2% VOCsRecommended Usage: Sealing and bonding a wide variety surfaces, including metal, concrete, wood and fiberglassCure Time: 3-7 daysRemoval: Mechanical removal

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