Interlux Micron CSC Antifouling Paint, Green, Gallon


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Interlux Micron CSC Antifouling Paint, Green, Gallon. Receive Up to $20 Mail-in Rebate With the Purchase of any of these Interlux products: $20 rebate per gallon: Micron 66, Micron Extra, Micron OPTIMA, Micron CF, Micron CSC, Micron WA$10 rebate per gallon: Ultra, Ultra-Kote, Pacifica Plus, ACT, Aqua-One, Fiberglass Bottomkote Aqua, Fiberglass Bottomkote NT$5 rebate per gallon: VC17m, VC17m Extra, Cetol Marine, Cetol Marine Light, Cetol Marine Natural Teak and Cetol Marine Gloss Valid Feb 1, 2017 — May 31, 2017 View Details Micron CSC provides multi-season antifouling protection against all types of marine fouling organisms. When the time comes to apply new antifouling paint to your boats hull, the job will be a lot easier it you have been using Micron CSC. This is because compared to hard antifouling paints, Micron CSCs ablative formula wears away or self-polishes” in a controlled fashion as the boat is used. Controlled polishing reduces the build-up of old coatings—which minimizes the need for laborious sanding at haulout. And compared to hard antifouling paints, Micron CSC is also better for the envinment. This is because it uses less copper more efficiently than traditional, hard antifouling paints. Boats painted with Micron CSC can also be hauled, stored and relaunched without a loss of antifouling effectiveness—which means you can paint in the fall and splash in the spring! Key Features Fast-drying formula Antifouling performance for all fouling waters Suitable for powerboats and sailboats Multi-season protection Self-polishing formula reduces paint build-up Reduces need for sanding prior to repainting Physical Data

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