Ronstan Pink Medium C-Cleat


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Ronstan Pink Medium C-Cleat. Made of lightweight carbon fiber, C-Cleats are light, strong, simple, long-lasting and abrasion-resistant. Reversible jaws effectively double the life of the cleat and are kind to expensive line, yet grip tenaciously. Beveled cam tops and low spring effort require minimum force when inserting line. Self-lubricating, self-cleaning slotted bearings are impregnated with Teflon, provide lower frictional resistance and quicker response than ball bearings, which deform under load. Small C-cleats require two 4mm (#10) FHMS. Hole Spacing: 1-1/16". Height: 3/4". Line Size: 3/32"–5/16". SWL: 265lb. Medium C-cleats require two 5mm (3/16") FHMS. Hole Spacing: 1-1/12". Height: 1". Line Size: 1/8"–1/2". SWL: 400lb. Large C-cleats require two 6mm (1/4") FHMS. Hole Spacing: 2". Height: 1-/8". Line Size: 1/4"–5/8". SWL: 510lb.

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