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West Marine SeaGloss Pro, White, Quart. Brighten up your boat with easy-to-apply SeaGloss Pro paint!Manufactured exclusively for West Marine, Sea Gloss Pro flows on smoothly and dries to a hard, protectivecoating with high gloss, excellent color retention and long life. Brushed or rolled, this smooth-flowing enamelenables you to achieve the pleasing look of sprayed-on application. Protects primed fiberglass, wood, aluminumand steel. Highly resistant to strong chemicals, cleaning solutions and alcohol. Two coats are recommended.Key FeaturesDurable, high-gloss protective coatingExcellent color retentionFlows on smoothlyCan be applied to primed fiberglass, wood, aluminum or steelResistant to strong chemicals and cleaning solutionsBrush, roll or spray applicationPhysical DataType: One-part polyurethane/silicone alkyd enamelFinish: High-GlossComponents: 1VOC: 395 grams/literApplicationRecommended Application Method: Brush, roller, or sprayNumber of coats recommended: 2Application Temperature: minimum 50F and maximum 90FPrimer Needed: Sea Gloss Pro primer, Model 5437140Coverage: 150sq.ft./quart; 600sq.ft./gallonThinner: West Marine Thinner/Dewaxer, Model 5437207Drying time to recoat: 6-24hrs.More informationFor detailed application instructions see the West Marine SeaGloss Data Sheet. NOTE: data sheets are subject torevision. Linked data sheets are believed to be accurate at the time of publication.

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